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What are subliminal messages and how do they work?

The word subliminal as defined by the dictionary means -below the threshold of conscious perception-.

Subliminal messages are always imperceptible and are designed to bypass the conscious brain and head directly into the subconscious mind, where all of our programming is stored.

This programming is our beliefs, our habits, our attitudes and our overall out-look in life. Most of this programming stems from the first seven years of our lives where our brains were in an almost constant Alpha brainwave state. Alpha being the brainwave of perpetual receptivity.

This programming is based on our environmental genetics; The parenting and education we received, even the examples that were set to us in our receptive learning years.

What we learned in these first seven years of our lives determines the general course of our life experiences. As we mature along our journey of life, we often outgrow our childhood programming, and the beliefs we held so dear fail to serve us anymore.

Most of the time we are unaware of these beliefs that hold us back and are completely oblivious to the patterns that play out in our life experiences.

For some, overcoming these limiting beliefs is a piece of cake, for others, this is not so easy.

The brain is not comfortable with change, and it will always do most anything to lead us away from unfamiliar thoughts and actions, and drag us straight back into the comfort zones of habit.

This is where brain re-programming becomes necessary, and subliminal messaging is a fabulously easy tool to wield, as it does not require much effort, only the discipline of consistency in using the Subliminals regularly in order to train the brain into new beliefs, habits, and ways of thinking.

Subliminal messaging, when used consistently for a period of time (usually 14 – 30 days). Will show an enormous, permanent improvement in your behavior, and a definite change will occur within the beliefs residing in your subconscious mind.


This Happy Place is a family who aims to help as many people

as we can reach while having as much fun as possible doing so. 

We are committed to making change as easy a process as we can for you because we believe that everybody should have their desires


We also believe that life should be easy,

and it should be fun, for everyone!